Francisca Prieto

Published in 2018
Publication type: ARTIST MONOGRAPH

FRANCISCA PRIETO is the first artist monograph of Francisca Prieto’s artwork, cataloguing her work over the past 16 years through full colour illustrations accompanied by text.

Like the volumes that inspire her, Francisca’s monograph is no ordinary book. Exquisitely produced in both weight and design, the pages pay tribute to Francisca’s own respect of print. Their unfolding is a journey, from Francisca’s early development of the Anti Series to the Between Folds works, and onto her evolution in Reminiscence and Traces of Absence. Turning the pages is to discover the themes that bind her works: the exploration of the line; the expanding of the boundaries of meaning; the evocative transformation of material. All these contribute to the intellectual depth of each series.

Intriguing and expressive detail is what makes Francisca’s work so unique, the visual pause of reflection in each fold or abstraction, and this book brings together each and every one. With every artwork accompanied by an explorative text – by writer Sophie Hill (UK) – together with introductions by art critic Alistair Smart (UK) and curator Daniela Berger (Chile), this book captures the essence of Francisca’s distinguished artwork.

Format: Hardback & slipcased
Size: 23 x 28 x 3.5 cm
Pages: 300 pages
Illustrations: 250+
Text in English and Spanish
Limited edition (2000) and
artist’s special edition (200 copies)
Publication date: November 2018
ISBN 978-956-09209-0-4

Published by: Fundación Lustro with the support of LarrainVial, Corporacion del Patrimonio Cultural de Chile, Ley de Donaciones Culturales and British Council.

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