Portrait to Self-Portrait

Published in 2012
Publication type: Books

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Format: Hardback, hand bound
Size: 44 x 30.05 x 5 cm
Pages: __ pages
Language: English
Published date: 2011
Vol. 1. show casing 242 artists.
Limited edition

...from portrait to self-portrait...
by Antonio Nodar

It begun in 1996 when Antonio Nodar photographs artists in black & white and gives them a print onto which they render their response. Antonio Nodar: "As the initiator and catalyst of this project, I follow the word-of-mouth path from artist to artist. My dialogue with each new artist begins when I make a black and white photographic portrait of them. Next I print two identical prints of this photograph, keeping the first as the 'portrait' and giving the second to the artist who manipulates it, with freedom, to create a 'self-portrait'. Once the artist completes the 'self-portrait' they return it to me to be reunited with the 'portrait;. The two hang side-by-side forming a diptych, with the 'portrait' on the left and the 'self-portrait' on the right. Each finished diptych becomes an integral part of the whole collection."

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