Shaping Art in Conversation.
28 Feb 2023, Cromwell Place - London

Presented by Adriana Paice Kent, founder and director of Woven Spaces
Guests: Consultant Kate Sweeney, Placemaking Carlin Fier and visual artist Francisca Prieto

Feb. 28, 2023
6:30 – 8.30 p.m.

At Cromwell Place
Gallery 7
4 Cromwell Place,
London, SW7 2JE,
United Kingdom

Live recording of Be-Spoke, a podcast series that explores the stories behind bespoke objects and experiences. It feature artists, brokers and their clients discussing commissioning and the stories behind their projects. 


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Episode Bio:
Place and art go hand in hand; often, art is used as a catalyst to create new places and add value to existing spaces. It invites and inspires an ecosystem of collaboration where commissioner and artist alike bring new perspectives and ideas to transform an area, adding layers of meaning and opening new paths for exploration. What can we do to engage more people to commission with confidence, and come forward as storytellers and future patrons?

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