196th Annual Exhibition
23 April - 12 June 2022, Edinburgh - Scotland

The RSA Annual Exhibition is the largest and longest-running exhibition of contemporary art in Scotland. Now in its 196th year, 'Corroded (Chile)', one of the eleven artworks from the series 'Reminiscence' [2016-2020] by Francisca Prieto will be on display in the magnificent surroundings of the Royal Scottish Academy galleries. In this piece, she captures a remembered sense of space, visualising the intangible architecture of the mind.

The Annual Exhibition provides a platform for contemporary painting, sculpture, film, printmaking, photography and installation, alongside work by some of the country’s leading architects. This year’s Convenor is Robbie Bushe RSA, assisted by Deputy Convenor Charlie Sutherland RSA. Committee of Arrangements: Michael Agnew, Fiona Dean, Kenny Hunter, Keith McIntyre, and Toby Paterson.

Private View:
Friday 22 April, 8.30-10pm

Exhibition Open to Public:
Saturday 23 April - Sunday 12 June 2022,
Mon to Sat 10am - 5pm, Sun 12 - 5pm,
RSA Upper and Lower Galleries | free entry


Royal Scottish Academy
The Mound, Edinburgh, EH2 2EL


Treated copper and treated nickel
60 X 42 X 5 cm
Following on from Reflection (Graneros), which celebrated the inspiring natural landscape of Chile, Corroded looks to visualise the country’s political landscape, specifically the protests and civil unrest in 2019. Observing the insurgence of her home country, Francisca Prieto visualises the origin of such resentment, a corrosion of society from within. Viewed straight on Corroded is a delicate framework, an ordered pattern of lines gleaming in copper. Yet hidden from view are darkly corroded plates, black and absorbing as the galvanising of change spreading across a people. Visible from both left and right – as from each side of an extreme political view – these black plates juxtapose the bright copper definitively, a darkly burnt mark on what has been: the shining values of society and misplaced trust in politicians’ hands. Thankfully there is also space in Prieto’s framework, left empty for room to learn, listen and grow.

** In this short film Francisca Prieto reflects on her series reminiscence, taking us through her artistic process and giving us an insight into the inspiration and ideas that lie behind this new body of work. https://vimeo.com/628159553

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