198th Annual Exhibition
11 May - 16 June 2024, Edinburgh - Scotland

For the past two years, Francisca Prieto has been developing a new series: Denied. The first piece of this series to be exhibited publicly will be part of the Royal Scottish Academy's Annual Exhibition, running until June 16, 2024.

|   The 'Denied' series is a commentary on the silenced narrative of women, on the historical denial of women to reach their full potential due to patriarchal constraints.

Prieto uses collected objects of the past, understatedly arresting in their beauty and craftsmanship, their chipped metalwork or well-handled surfaces conjuring images of past hands. These objects of action and purpose are immobilised, suspended in an entrapment that represents the invisible cages in which women have found themselves across history. Each metal bar illustrates the barriers put between women and their aspirations, lines of control and denial.

Prieto carefully creates a purposeful frame which imprisons the object in mid-air, hovering on the brink of action, it mirrors the frustration felt by women as their own actions have been halted by imposed roles, society, and the patriarchy. Yet women have always been determined, as these objects are to break free; a small part always succeed in escaping the cage. For despite their obstructions, women will continue to push through the barriers, albeit an inch at a time.

198th Annual Exhibition
Convenors: Wendy McMurdo RSA, assisted by Jude Barber RSA (Elect).
The RSA Annual Exhibition in Scotland showcases painting, sculpture, film, photography, and visionary architectural designs. It's a historic showcase of forefront artistic expression.

Royal Scottish Academy
The Mound
Edinburgh EH2 2EL
Mon to Sat 10am-5pm. Sun 12-5pm | Free entry 

The 198th RSA Annual Exhibition, photo (2 and 3) by Julie Howden. 


THE TIMES - ART | REVIEW: Monday May 13 2024 
RSA Annual Exhibition — You will be moved and inspired, by Giles Sutherland.
 "...Presented by Alex Allan’s reclaimed wooden pieces; the numinous glass, stone and metal objects by MaryBourne and Lynne Strachan, and a series of found-object metaphors by the Chilean artist Francisca Prieto, collectively entitled Denied/Woman..." (extract).



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