A History of the Book in 100 Books

Published in 2014
Publication type: Books

Bibliographic Details
Format: Hardback
Size: 25.4 x 20.3 cm
Pages: 284 pages
Published date: October 2014

Publisher: The British Library
Author: Roderick Cave and Sara Ayad

ISBN: 9780712357562

A History of the Book in 100 Books (hardback)
by Roderick Cave and Sara Ayad

From inscriptions on tombs to the first writings on papyrus; from scrolls to the first bound codex books in Roman times; from exclusive and expensive hand-scribed books to the creation of movable type and the invention of printing for the masses; and from the printed book to the digital book, the e-book reader and beyond – discover The History of the Book in 100 Books.

The 100 books originate from around the world and cover subjects as diverse as religion, science, crime, travel and fashion. Classic examples, such as Gutenberg’s 42-Line Bible and the Book of Kells, are included alongside less well-known titles that have been selected to represent a stage in the history of book production or because of their content or impact. Each entry is placed inits specific historical context and includes connections to books across cultures and periods of time.

Illustrated with lavish photography of the most treasured artefacts from the world’s historic collections, this book is a visual delight as well as a fascinating journey through mankind’s 5,000-year quest to communicate ideas and knowledge.

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