The Anatomy of Design

Published in 2007
Publication type: Books

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Format: Hardback
Size: 26 x 26 cm
Pages: 208 pages
Published date: 2007

Publisher: Rockport Publishers, US.
Author: Steven Heller and Mirco Ilic

ISBN: 978-1592532124

‘The Anatomy of Design’
by Steven Heller and Mirco Ilic

Designers always pack as much raw material into their brains as possible and then use that to build their own unique designs. "The Anatomy of Design" has selected fifty examples of graphic design that will be dissected, piece by piece, to reveal a vast array of influences and inspirations. These are not necessarily the most well-known or celebrated objects of graphic design, though many contain the genetic codes of some canonical works. Instead, these represent contemporary artifacts that are well conceived, finely crafted, and filled with hidden treasures. The selections include all kinds of design work including posters, book and record covers, packages, catalogue covers and many more. Each exhibit is selected based on its ubiquity, thematic import and aesthetic significance, and every page is a means to show how great work is derived from various inspirational and physical sources, making this book not only informative but inspirational.

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