Material: Treated bronze & ‘Dictionnaire technologique abrégé - Arts chimiques; Atlas. Planches gravées par Olivier, Loaisel-Tréogate, J.-M. (Joseph-Marie), Millet. Publié à Paris chez Thomine en 1822-1835.
135 X 112.5 CM

Verdigris delves into a French dictionary of the chemical arts, revealing the furnaces, stills, vats and mechanisms of the compounds of the early nineteenth-century. From refining iron, mixing acid and creating artificial minerals, to glass, sugar and soap, all these processes are evoked in delicate lines. Tinged with tantalizing green – the verdigris, the bright oxidation of copper or brass – these pages open what are closed thoughts for most, the possibility of experiments and the recipes for creation. Verdigris is then sharpened to a metallic gleam – hardened from their descriptions on the page, as the bonds that form the structure of a substance itself. Framing space, the atoms and molecules we can not see but know to be true, green surrounds the potential and man’s mastery of science.