traces of absence / flawed

Material: Treated brass and a collection of 19th and 20th century bonds and stocks from around the world.
117 x 168 cm

Much of Francisca’s work reinterprets material from its original purpose, but in Flawed it is not only defective beauty that is revealed, but the weight of promises and the tangible traces of trust. As gathered leaves of history, these stocks and bonds hold the faith of futures, the investments of dreams, each enticingly different from the next. As imperfect jewels of another world, bright and intricately applied inks colour this history of our financial evolution; pattern, water-marking and words illustrate what now only exists in a digital ether. Gold, tarnished with the flaws of what is today an abstract concept, glimmers between paper folds; memories of the now missing worth that ignite the beauty of what is left behind.