Between Folds / Surgical Instruments & Appliances

Material: Catalogue of Surgical Instruments and Appliances, etc. by The Surgical Manufacturing Co., Ltd, sixth edition; 1925.
168 x 117 cm

The cold and foreboding gleam of sterilised metal – familiar through tales of the battlefield and medical history – are here spread out before us. The chilling blades of scissors – ready in every size for every unimaginable task – multiply to the pointed needles of syringes, their perfectly round handles beckoning for fingers to command them to their purpose. As the eyes greedily read, the mind flits from nostalgic interest – marveling at medicine’s collective beauty and invention – to a gruesome fit of imagination at the use of each precisely visual instrument. The folds invert to 5/8, a golden proportion – a symbol of science’s aspiration to perfection and a sign of each instrument’s mutiplicity.