Between Folds / Sheet Music: Underscore

Material: Old sheet music from the 19th and early 20th century
153 x 119 cm

In Between Folds / Sheet Music, Francisca uses 19th and 20th-century pages of sheet music – operas and ballets, solos for the piano or trumpet, complete orchestrations – to create a new and unorthodox score. In an overwhelming and inviting whirlwind of the page, Francisca celebrates not only the musical meaning, but the visual beauty of these printed symbols. The notes appear to reverberate off the page, refusing to lie flat; the pattern of treble and base clef quavers folded upright and alert, euphorically merging in their meaning – in their sound. One can almost hear them tumultuously together, as through an instrument, encouraging and embellishing, as ever with Between Folds, the pages’ true meaning. Underscore was commissioned by the New York gallery Sebastian+Barquet, for an antique frame from The House of Heydenryk, one of the oldest and most respected picture framers in the world.