Between Folds / Scotland

Material: Scotland by William Beattie, M. D. Illustrated by Thomas Allom, &C. Engraved by or under the immediate direction of Robert Wallis. Published By Geo. Virtue, London; 1836.
100 x 115 cm

Francisca’s Scotland builds a vivid picture, drawing on the profound power a book’s text and illustrations can possess in subtly conjuring a place. A diagonal line divides text from image while folded edges are tinged with the red of blood, passion and war, the veins of Scotland’s history seeping from the pages. Between each fold reveals fragments of this landscape’s past, small doorways into walled cities, lochs and merchant ships – images with intriguing detail that carry our eyes across the work as each angled viewpoint reveals more.

(Acquired by The Gleneagles® Hotel, Perthshire - Scotland)