Between Folds / Royal & Noble Authors

Material: A series of portraits that illustrate the Earl of Orford’s catalogue of royal and noble authors. Printed by J. Barfield, and published by S. Harding; 1803.
146 x 118 cm

This work not only explores the authors deemed ‘royal and noble’ from the 11th to the 19th-century, but the power of portraiture itself. Made to remember, the haunting gaze of these figures follows you across every gilded angle of the page, as Francisca assembles them across the composition according to the pointed direction of their stare. Opening eyes with each fold, Francisca lets these authors look out from beyond the grave, painstakingly matching each forgotten name to its face. Finally, in a mathematical flourish, the characters are cast around the shape of a question mark; we may know their names, but who were they and what works did they leave behind?